CWIT Presents

Thriving in Chaos

With Tom Lane at OneTeam Leadership and Barings

The Details

 When: September 18th from 8am to 10am

Where: Barings 300 S Tryon St Suite 2500, Charlotte, NC 28202

Who: We have a limit of 68 tickets for this event. It will sell out!
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About this Event

Most high-achieving professionals lead highly active lifestyles — careers, family, friends to name a few – with little time or space for rest, relaxation and recovery. Amplify all of this with the pressures of non-stop social media and the relentless pressure to “keep busy” and it’s no wonder that life can sometimes feel chaotic and overwhelming. To make things even more complicated the practice of law is changing rapidly, competition is increasing, and the economics of the traditional partnership model are eroding. For many people this can add an additional level of uncertainty and stress.

Tom Lane a founding partner of OneTeam Leadership, is passionate about helping leaders grow, develop and thrive in the moments of their lives. He believes that as leaders become more self-aware, they also become more versatile, effective and resilient which are critical skills needed for succeeding in today’s complex and fast-paced world. Tom has committed his career to helping leaders more effectively lead themselves, their teams and their organizations. Tom has 20 years of business leadership experience and 15 years of leadership consulting. He was graduated from the University of Colorado before earning his MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.
If you are interested in learning about becoming more resilient and thriving in the moments of your life, we invite you to invest 90 minutes to engage in an important conversation.

Without intention and attention, it can be very easy to feel disengaged and burned out. In this highly interactive and lively program, participants will learn how to thrive in chaotic environments. Participants will explore the current status of their lives and learn how to more often show up as their most effective and authentic selves. Not only will they get to know themselves better, but they will form new relationships with their peers in a way that is not available with traditional networking. If you are interested in learning about avoiding burnout and becoming more resilient in all aspects of your life, we encourage you to participate in this program and engage in an important and rejuvenating conversation.

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