Carolina Women in Tech relies on the generosity of our community members through their time and talents. If you are looking for meaningful opportunities to hone existing or gain new marketable skills or to form your CWIT tribe by working alongside dedicated and passionate women, then continue reading and then fill out a volunteer application today!


We are better together.

We need you.

Benefits of Becoming a CWIT Volunteer:

Opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary team of technology leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs

Free attendance to CWIT events (with coupon code)

Be part of an elite peer-group

General Volunteer Expectations:

The following criteria will be considered during the volunteer application review and when volunteer placements are assigned:

  • Must be a paying member of CWIT
  • Time availability
  • Needs and skills fit based on the committee
  • Prior leadership experience or volunteer experience
  • A commitment of 1 year for leadership or general committee placements
  • Passion for developing and providing a space for women in technology to thrive

Any gift large or small will make a difference!

We are better together.

We need you.

Benefits of Becoming a CWIT Volunteer:

Operations Committee

This committee is responsible for working with the President and VPs to help with checks and balances, reconciliation, and operations paperwork.

a. Accounting Chair (Accountant or CPA preferred)
b. Operations Committee members (1)

Technology Committee

This committee maintains the websites, creates and delivers marketing content, assists with Lady Tech Charmers Podcast such as (bookings, guest prep, amplification, videography, and editing)

a. Technology Chair
b. Technology Committee Members (6)

Membership Committee

Engages with members to ensure satisfaction and obtain information that will aid in focusing on areas of improvement to member experience.

a. Membership Chair
b. Membership Committee Members (2)

Event Committee

Plans and executes programming such as Networking, Lunch & Learns, and other Signature events like #TechYourSeat and Conferences. The committee will also assist in the day of event duties such as sign-ins, setup, and breakdown.

a. Event Committee Members (4)
b. Day of Event Volunteers (6)

Mentorship Committee

Responsible for creating and implementing meaningful program opportunities for mentorship, personal and professional development.
Mentorship Committee Member (2)

Volunteer Committee

Assist in recruiting and placing volunteers in roles and opportunities that ensure a good fit and growth. Works with all committees to identify additional volunteer needs to ensure that events run smoothly.

a. Volunteer Chair – Support the Volunteer Lead in sourcing volunteers, managing CRM, and evaluating new volunteer opportunities
b. Volunteer Committee Members (4) – Coordinates with volunteers for events (prior and post events)

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