We are 

Carolina Women in Tech

Our members encompass any woman that embraces the role that technology plays in her career, business, and life.

What We Do

We are Women in Tech

Our mission is to empower, engage, and educate women in tech.  We have a unique opportunity to unite and support each other.  We encourage any woman that celebrates technology to join our effort.


We will be offering many opportunities to network with other women in tech.  We encourage one on one connecting as well as at our meetup events.


Our goal as a non profit is to fundraise to provide opportunities for education.  Continuing education, bootcamps, scholarships, and grants.


The ultimate goal of this group is to empower each and every women that values the role that technology plays in her life.

Why Should You Join Us?

We are better together.  We need each other.  Bottomline  statistics show that we need more women in tech.  The roles are lopsided and our goal is to help provide a more even environment.  We know that women led businesses perform better.  We also know that we need more women in tech.  Join us because we are better together.

Education Statistics

Women account for only 20% of the bachelor’s degrees conferred in engineering, computer science, and physics.

Workforce Statistics

Regardless of specific area of technology, only about 25% of these positions are held by women.  (National Center for Educational Statistics)

Leadership Statistics

And, while women represent almost half of the US workforce, just 5% are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and that number expands only slightly when looking at Fortune 1000 companies. (Pew Research)

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We have monthly events happening in Charlotte, NC.  We also partner with local organizations to optimize all the events happening in our state.


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