Charmer Scoop gave us the platform to talk about a couple of concepts including debugging, algorithms, programming and loops.  We also did some activities called unplugged activities.

Part of our mission is to work with women and girls and expose them to the wonderful world of computer science and IT. We  want to share with them the wonder and the awe we feel as women in the technology space .

On January 17th, we got our Code on and lead a workshop through and had the opportunity to speak with one of Sharon’s students, Jamille Whitlow, about her experience with the workshop and learning coding!

Jamilee Whitlow is working alongside with Dr Sharon Jones  on a project  with her Girl Scout Troupe 740. The goal is to use data analysis  to track  and sell more cookies. The data used would help them  sell more cookies,  know who they’re selling to, see who’s buying what cookies, how many cookies are sold in total and ultimately come up with different marketing techniques after they understand the data that they’re being introduced to


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