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COVID-19 Impacts To Recruiting and Hiring Top Talent

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a seismic shift in the way many companies operate. “The fallout will fundamentally change recruiting and hiring practices long after the pandemic has passed,” says recruiting strategist Jack Whatley. During this virtual event, we will talk about how recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and retaining top talent have all been impacted along with creative ways to address these changes. To attract the best talent, companies must focus on offering competitive compensation and highlighting their culture and values. Keeping top talent engaged during the hiring process while require a streamlined hiring and onboarding process while also maintaining a human element. 


#WomeninTech Breakfast: MOMBoss

Is being a MOMboss about getting all the tasks done? Or is it about being able to prioritize and delegate so that everything gets done itself? Juggling kids schedules, house cleaning, managing lawn mowing, cooking healthy meals and entertaining the whole family during quarantine on top of a full work day sounds impossible, but is part of everyday life for a working mom. During this breakfast we will talk about challenges and wins, selfcare and team management, making hard decisions and sacrifices and what actually happens behind the scenes. 

Erika and Shamyra will share their experience of being a MOMboss on Tuesday, June 30th during our interactive 1 hour talk. Our host is Katya Gorlatova, mom in tech of two kids, ages 3 and 6, and a business owner.


Applying for a Job

Just between March 16th and April 9th, North Carolina saw 509,693 new unemployment claims. With so many people on the market it makes it extremely hard to land a new position nowadays.
During our Virtual breakfast we will talk about the actual things that you can do to upgrade your representation skills and get to the interview for a job you actually want.

Kate Wells and Caroleen Burroughs will discuss the tips that actually help. Our speakers bring two diverse but complementary perspectives on finding employment at larger organizations as well as small businesses or startups.


#WomeninTech Breakfast

Let’s talk about these 3 things and how they changed in the past few weeks:
  • Work
  • Communication
  • Mental Health
It is important to talk about challenges and successes, how you cope with the new normal and balance all the new tasks that have fallen on your plate . Let’s share the tips, tricks and resources to support each other and make new meaningful connections to be there for one another during this time. 


Pivot or Recommit

This uncertain time period has many of us pausing and reflecting in more ways than one. It is inevitable that many of our goals this year will be impacted in some form. Join us as we navigate through this period and decide if we need to pivot our goals or recommit to them to finish the year stronger and better than we previously imagined.

This a Mentorship Membership Exclusive Event. To be able to attend this event, sign up for this level of Mentorship today!


Tech Talks in Collaboration with RMCSoft

Come join us for a free lunch-and-learn to hear amazing female speakers and get actionable advice on topics like entrepreneurship and career advancement. Top women from the tech industry will share their inspirational stories, personal expertise and know-how on leading projects and teams. 


Keep Calm and Have a Beer Happy Hour

Time for a pop up happy hour! We can not wait to connect with you over some craft beer so we are affectionately calling this happy hour theme “Keep Calm And Have A Beer”!  Because staying calm is all you need during the upcoming Holiday season!


We look forward to making genuine connections and learning more about you and your needs. If you’re interested in learning about membership levels, this is the perfect opportunity to hear more about CWIT and how to join us as a member. This event is open to all members and any guests so grab a friend and join us for a drink! 


Thriving in Chaos

In this highly interactive and lively program, participants will learn how to thrive in chaotic environments. Participants will explore the current status of their lives and learn how to more often show up as their most effective and authentic selves. Not only will they get to know themselves better, but they will form new relationships with their peers in a way that is not available with traditional networking. If you are interested in learning about avoiding burnout and becoming more resilient in all aspects of your life, we encourage you to participate in this program and engage in an important and rejuvenating conversation.

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