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#64 Productivity Tools

Our guest Fran Jeanes left London, England for Charlotte, North Carolina where she started her journey as a business owner. After 20 plus years as a marketer and entrepreneur she shares some productivity tips that she has used for herself and her clients during her...

#62 AppCleanse

We were thrilled to be part of Podfest 2019 in Orlando! When we downloaded the Podfest app that lead us to think about the apps on our phones . We singled out our favorite apps and our not so fave ones. What are yours?

#61 Reflections on Podfest 2019

We were thrilled to be part of Podfest 2019 in Orlando! We met people like John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Kate Erickson... It was an excellent learning experience. Some of the take aways were that Apple podcasts downloads account for nearly 80% of all downloads. We also...

#58 Growing as an Entrepreneur

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Fabi Preslar - the chief Sparkler of  Spark Publications, a national, award-winning, custom design firm specializing in niche magazines and independently published books. Her firm’s publications enhance credibility and...

#57 Tech Trends for 2019

The hosts on  the Lady Tech Charmers talk about the Internet Of Things or IOT,  Videos and Podcasting. We discussed - How by being connected through IOT, the connectivity drives data. Understanding that this data is part of that connectivity which can...

#51 Top Programming Languages

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of learning a programming language? We chat about the concept of programming and how to begin to wrap your head around the idea! Check out our roundtable discussion on why to learn a programming language and steps to start your...

#50 Lady Tech Charmers 50th episode

Well we made it! It has been a fun, hard, and exhilarating journey as the hosts of Lady Tech Charmers. We have been through weddings, loss of a spouse, new jobs, moves, and fail forward in the world of podcasting. But we have stayed together and continue to love what...

#46 What is your Chronotype?

Do you ever feel that your schedule is a bit off-kilter from the rest of the world? Well, you’re not alone. On this episode of Lady Tech Charmers, we take a note from our friends at My Biz Bestie and dive into the book The Power of When and it was written by sleep...

#45 Gearing Girls Up for Tech

How two young women in tech are giving back and preparing the younger generation to be true technologists. Talazia Moore and Lauren Cook join us to discuss their work in creating a summer camp called Gidget Girls for middle school girls to learn to code!

#39 | 23 and Trailblazing

The Lady Tech Charmers talk with Jocelyn Keung a developer, community organizer, and gender equity advocate. Jocelyn is the founder of Fleurix, a women's technology conference that will debut in Spring 2019.

#38 | What is Growth Driven Design?

How do we create our brand in all the noise? Is there an application that you don’t approach because you are not sure exactly what to do? In this episode we focus on one method, Growth Driven Design. Growth-Driven Design is an investment that produces reliable...

#27 | Finding your Style in Tech

Today we focus on finding your Style in Tech and how Women in Tech can make a statement through their professional and executive presence. Our guest LaShanda Millner-Murphy is the owner of LaShandaM3. LaShanda Millner-Murphy excels at image building. She has helped...

#26 | Self Care for Women in Tech

Today we are focusing on Self care for women in Tech and women who have a sedentary work life. We have the privilege of having the owner of Integrative Bodywork, Sandra Weber as our guest. Sandra is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist specializing in structural...

#24 | Success of a Female Startup

In this episode we discuss the success of a Female Startup business and how LaPronda Spann turned her passion into a business. LaPronda is the Chief Visionary Architect of Lain Consulting LLC, an award-winning consulting firm specializing in diversity certification...

# 20 | Tech and Learning

Today we are talking with Aru Anavaker. Aru is a Tech Enthusiast, Co-Founder of  Botsplash and the Promoter of Mawe [MOW] app - Make Learning WOW! She believes in Tech and Learning. The goal of our show today is to explore and Incorporating Technology and...

#19 | Computer Science Education

Today we are talking with Lauren Cook and Gabby Roseboro, both young women in the Computer Science field. Lauren Cook is currently a Computer Science major at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Gabby Roseboro is a Project Manager for a risk...

#18 | Our Reflections on Podcasting

This episode is about setting our intentions for 2018 and our reflections on podcasting. We talk about what we would like to accomplish as hosts in our personal lives, our business and for this podcast . We hope to hear from our listeners and our guests...

#1 | Intro to Lady Tech Charmers

[spp-player url=""] In this episode you get to meet the lady techies: Caitlin Sellers, Paula Okonneh and Dr. Sharon Jones. Listen to their stories on how they got into the tech...

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