Today we are talking with Aru Anavaker. Aru is a Tech Enthusiast, Co-Founder of  Botsplash and the Promoter of Mawe [MOW] app – Make Learning WOW! She believes in Tech and Learning. The goal of our show today is to explore and Incorporating Technology and Learning. At the time of this recording Aru  worked as a product manager at Lending Tree. She is now working full time at her business Botsplash.

[spp-transcript] As  the Co-Founder of botsplash , Aru manages product research, promotions, marketing and social media. The product lines from botsplash are related to chatbot and automation. She is a go to person to talk about chatbots. The Mawe App is one of Aru’s passion.

She loves making learning creative and fun for her 5 yr old daughter. Along the way she thought it would be great to share these ideas with other parents and kids. She loves learning and exploring everyday as well as contributing to both her work and side tech projects. She passionately believes in making early learning creative, fun and encouraging for kids.

[spp-timestamp time=”5:58″]Why is it important to teach kids technology skills early? Kids at an early age have vast skills on acquiring knowledge.

[spp-timestamp time=”8:14″]What prompted you to develop the app the way you did? The app can be customized . It is interactive and is designed for kids and parents to use together.

[spp-timestamp time=”11:17″]Do you have plans on expanding the age range of the MAWE app? The  app can also be used by adults.

[spp-timestamp time=”13:13″]Has your daughter developed  a love for coding?

[spp-timestamp time=”17:05″]How are women changing the tech game?