Today we are talking with Kimberly Mohns Roberts. Kimberly is an entrepreneur, mom, author and an advocate for girls.

Kimberly’s works are focused on building children’s self-esteem and self-worth. Her book, Just Perfect, seeks to help young girls establish a positive view of themselves in a world that continually highlights flaws.

Our show today is to shift the conversation and to empower young girls to be themselves and to have increased confidence.

[spp-transcript][spp-timestamp time=”8:53″]  Tell us what your brand mom vs career means?

[spp-timestamp time=”11:30″ ]  Why is it important to teach kids how to advocate for themselves at an early age?

[spp-timestamp time=”13:47″]  What has been one of your greatest triumphs as a mompreneur?

[spp-timestamp time=”16:54″]  How did you find your tribe to help empower women and girls?

[spp-timestamp time=”20:02″]  Where can people find you online?