Today we are talking with Leslie Drate.

Leslie manages the U.S. consumer social media program for printers and ink at HP.

At HP, Leslie has multiplied the value of multi-million dollar digital spends through hyper-targeted data.

Today’s goal is to talk about the impact of social media  on technology companies and society.

Here are some things we spoke about:

  • How Leslie got into Social Media  [spp-timestamp time=”2:38″]
  • YouTube – why it is an important player [spp-timestamp time=”4:58 “]
  • How Gen Z receives information  through Influencers. [spp-timestamp time=”5:42″]
  • Definition of an influencer[spp-timestamp time=”6:06″] 
  • Trends in the Industry
  • Pay to play market – understanding details / increasing efficiency [spp-timestamp time=”8:05″]
  • Paid – Facebook, Instagram, B2B, Linkedin  [spp-timestamp time=”9:03″]
  • Using Facebook as News feed [spp-timestamp time=”9:24″]
  • Thumb stopping content” [spp-timestamp time=”9:41″]
  • How does HP  tie in social media with their brand [spp-timestamp time=”13:50″]