This episode is about setting our intentions for 2018 and our reflections on podcasting. We talk about what we would like to accomplish as hosts in our personal lives, our business and for this podcast . We hope to hear from our listeners and our guests about what they loved in 2017.

Our Time Stamped Show Notes 

Lady Tech Charmers has been a project of hope, a project of passion, a learning tool and such a growing experience for all three of us.[spp-timestamp time=”0:38″]
In 2018, I think we will see our confidence build, we will find our voice in this Business Technology Community  and find our rhythm.[spp-timestamp time=”1:03″]
Our goal is to educate motivate and encourage women and girls in this community.  We really want the conversation to not only get started but to swing the pendulum.[spp-timestamp time=”1:15″]

 Our Intentions

Sharon : For Lady Tech Charmers is to really continue that growth and share what we have done. To help others who would like to follow us and also continue to reach out to the community and find out what it is if they would like  so that we can help them grow.[spp-timestamp time=”1:41″]

Paula : To impact the community and use the podcast to inspire the community. We want to change the format of the show so that is not only a podcast but we want to incorporate new technology like Facebook Live and Video.
To educate from each of our fields of expertise and use that to encourage women so that they can see that we also struggled with similar issues. They should know that we moved forward, we overcame challenges and so can they. [spp-timestamp time=”2:10″]
Caitlin : Women have a hard time boasting about themselves. If we can encourage and inspire our guests  and other women to shout from the rooftop what awesome things they are contributing to the community, that would be a plus.[spp-timestamp time=”3:14″]

Personal Goals

Sharon :  Dorothy Rose Consulting has begun to take on a life of its own after 18 months. The opportunity to be able to launch that as a full-time business is one of my goals. [spp-timestamp time=”4:03″]

Caitlin : My personal to-do list this year for 2018 is to have more balance. [spp-timestamp time=”5:26″]

I am a workaholic by nature because I am obsessed with what I do for a living. Taking classes when not working and helping build strategies for businesses to get their sales and marketing  moving, means that sometimes my personal life takes a backseat. Giving myself time to rest and focusing on my dogs, my husband, my family and my friends. My personal goal is making sure that I schedule this.
Paula : To sleep longer! To give back to the community and help women find their voice using podcasts… especially women who are afraid of public speaking. Help them open up their lives and share their experiences with others. Help them create their own podcasts. [spp-timestamp time=”12:74″][/spp-transcript]